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Alan Gillanders

Alan Gillanders

Alan's a local tablelander who grew up on western Cape York Peninsula. His interest in natural history has been life long.

While earning his living as a teacher Alan lead botanical, geological and birding tours for various local, interstate and international interest groups and operators.

Your guide has been a national park volunteer for a decade, leading many public activities including spotlighting tours.

Alan has a wealth of amusing stories from personal experience to illustrate his points about the plants and animals his guests see. All permits and insurance are covered including a current senior first aid certificate.


Alan's guests experience the rainforest and surrounding country side with informative commentary. On one of his tours you can get up close and personal with rare and magical creatures. Huge trees and lithesome lianas of the dark forest contrast with the open spaces of the lakes and savannah. Rolling hills and agricultural land add to the scenic splendour.

In eight hours of birding you can expect to see eighty species of birds. Fewer may be seen if time is spent chasing the rare ones. Most of the endemics are not difficult to find.

By doing the full day Naturalist Tour plus Nocturnal Tour you can expect four to five species of kangaroo, platypus, two possum species, butterflies and fifty different birds in a variety of habitats.

Naturalist Tour
An ecotour that delivers entertaining information while exploring this biodiversity hot spot.

Nocturnal Spotlighting Tour
Spotlight for Lumholtz's tree-kangaroos and night creatures.

Spot the Lot
These fun tours give you "a taste of the Tablelands" while viewing an amazing variety of birds and mammals.

Bird Guiding
Personalised tours cater for all enthusiasts ranging from beginners to twitchers completing their Australian list.

To book a tour contact Alan directly:
Alan Gillanders (Alan's Wildlife Tours)
Phone: +61 7 4095 3784