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  • Striped Possum

    Striped Possum

  • Sugar Gliders

    Sugar Gliders

  • Kangaroos

    Red-legged Pademlons / Musky-rat Kangaroo

  • Green Ringtail

    Green Ringtail Possum

  • MotherAntechinus

    Exhausted Mother Antechinus

  • Butterfly

    Joseph's Coat Moth / Cruiser Moth (female)

  • Painted Grasshawk Dragonfly

    Painted Grasshawk Dragonfly

  • Treegrog

    Orange-thighed Tree Frog

  • White-tailer

    Giant White-tailed Uromys

  • Platypus



Viewing Platform

Nocturnal Wildlife Viewing Platform

An undercover Nocturnal Wildlife Viewing Platform is illuminated until 10.15 pm each night for guests to view Sugar Gliders, Striped Possums, Uromys, Bandicoots, Melomys and Antechinus.

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Sugar Gliders

The sugar glider is one of the smaller possum species with a gliding membrane down the side of its body. These possums den in tree hollows in family groups of up to 10. Every evening they can be seen gliding and feeding at the Nocturnal Wildlife Viewing Platform.

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Striped Possums

They are normaly extremely difficult possums to view unless they are feeding, because of the speed they move at when traveling through the rainforest canopy.

Every evening they can be seen feeding at the Nocturnal Wildlife Viewing Platform.

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Long-nosed Bandicoot

Emerging each night from a concealed ground litter nest, the Long-nosed Bandicoots can be seen eating honey and hunting for insects at the base of the feeding trees infront of the Nocturnal Wildife Viewing Platform.

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Antechinus have a voracious appetite, are very strong and can hunt and eat animals their own size. Found in densely forested country these small marsupials can be seen darting between the trees of our Nocturnal Wildlife Viewing Platform each night.

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If you are looking to spot a nocturnal rainforest animal that does not regularly visit one of our nocturnal animal viewings, complimentary spot lighting equipment is available for use.

Herbert River Ringtail Possums and Green Ringtail Possums can be spotted in the rainforest surrounding the Nocturnal Wildlife Viewing Platform.

Additionaly, you may spotlight locally for nocturnal wildlife such as: Lumholtz Tree Climbing KangaroosLemuroid PossumRingtail Possums and Northern Coppery Brushtail Possums. For suggestions on which areas of the rainforest are currently receiving good sightings simply ask one of our reception staff.

Musky Rat-kangaroos

This is the smallest and most primitive member of the kangaroo family. Unlike other small mammals, they are active by day and are regularly seen under the fruit trees or along the rainforest pathways. Musky Rat-kangaroos have possum-like features such as a big toe which allows them to climb over fallen trees and branches before retiring at night to a leaf nest built against a tree buttress.

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Platypus inhabit the rainforest stream on the Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges property. Staff will direct you to the best current local Platypus viewing opportunities available at the time of your stay.

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Green Tree Frogs, Orange Thighed Tree Frogs, Green Eyed Tree Frogs, Northern Barred Frogs, Striped Marsh Frogs, Stoney Creek Frogs may all be heard or seen around the ponds near the Guest Lounge or along the creek bank.


Dragonflies, Butterflies and Moths

Ulysses Butterfly, Cairns Birdwing, Atlas Moth (Hercules Moth). Feeder plants are littered around the clearing to attract butterflies. Moths can be seen of a night time around the guest lounge gardens and Nocturnal Wildlife Viewing Platform.

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